Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Studded Fingerless Gloves

These gloves just scream 80's, and I'm sure listening. These gloves from ASOS are 100% leather and 100% affordable. Watch out Madonna, I'm about to put your hands to shame.

Night Chameleon Ring

Who needs a pet snake when you can wear this Chameleon Ring from Max & Chloe around your finger. The only thing you have to feed this baby is a whole lot of dough.

Fossil Jewels

In theory, wearing this bracelet from DSQUARED2 would be like wearing the skeleton of some poor dead animal. But I can't help but love how eclectic and unique it is. It's a bit pricey for my taste, but if I ever see a knock off I'm definitely gonna swoop on up. Word.

Shifting Gears

So, this whole blog thing didn't really work out. But I've decided to shift gears for Design Frankly and compile on here all the random shit that I am obsessed with. Most of it will probably be my current fashion obsessions, but I'm sure some other random things will creep in here now and then. Here's to remembering my New Year's resolution only weeks before the year was over!